There is no other way to establish permanent peace in Europe than to defeat russia – Pankevych

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The Western world is afraid. He is very afraid to leave such a familiar comfort of guaranteed security and stable well-being – to a state where all this needs to be protected again. It still resists the understanding that it is necessary to become “adult” and responsible again, to make difficult decisions, to be ready to wrestle and perhaps even to fight for one’s declared values and principles, Ukrainian publicist Bohdan Pankevych writes for

They are used to being in the “cozy” place for decades when challenges were ignored or trivialized for the sake of holy peace. After all, it is easier to find a compromise with evil than to protect one’s values. A pleasant infantile state of political omnivory and omnitolerance.

The way the children are: If you close your eyes, the problem will disappear or will “disintegrate” by itself. They dream of returning to the pre-war period – just as older people want to return to their happy childhood. But this is impossible.

The Western world was afraid to even imagine that russia could be defeated. Only in recent months have they timidly begun to think about this “terrible” prospect. Instead, the strategic question should have been asked differently for a long time: How can we weaken the evil of the world?

Maybe for this, it is really worth defeating russia as one of the oldest, meanest, and most effective elements of this Evil? Zelensky’s acting talent helped a lot last year. It was possible to emotionally mobilize the population and elites of Western countries to support and help Ukraine after the attack of a much stronger enemy. But it stopped working long ago.

It is necessary to explain to the people there why funding for assistance to Ukraine will have to be allocated for a long time. What is their benefit and why is it right to do so. Explain, at the same time counteracting the very effective russian counter-propaganda, which has immeasurably more overt and covert means of influence and channels of communication with Western societies.

We must explain that the process of destroying the Evil Empire has only just begun. The Evil, which the world was afraid to officially condemn, instead, in 1991, began to save it and tried to transform it. Until 1917, this evil Empire still created the appearance of playing by the rules of civilization and Christianity, but after this Evil was operating quite openly.

However, the world did not react to the crimes of russia, just as it did not react to German Nazism for a long time. russians have always been “talented” in – seducing, buying off, fooling, intimidating. They spread the metastases of Evil through the structures of politics, state power, and civil society. They openly acted through the local communist and socialist parties. Where it was possible to come to power (like in China), new evil states were created. And where there was public immunity against communism, they acted covertly. Through youth, environmental, trade unions, and other movements.

They used russian culture as a battering ram, making people fall in love with their literature and ballet. They recruited European and American citizens and through them founded their banks, enterprises, non-governmental organizations, and influenced the media. Everything was happening as George Frost Kennan predicted in his “long telegram” in February of 1946. Any country would be shocked to see the full list of its own structures and citizens occupied by this Evil. But they will probably not see it anyway.

Because after 1991, they liquidated a significant part of their security potential. And Evil immediately crept into all of those unprotected places. At the same time, it was skillfully convincing the civilized world that it, Evil, no longer exists, that it has already sincerely followed the path of Good. Not gonna lie – we also succumbed to illusions that Evil has changed.

First, under pressure from the West, we gave up our nuclear weapons, missiles, and strategic aviation. Then, in cooperation with the same Evil, our corruptioneers sold off a huge arsenal of available weapons and introduced a multi-vector policy. They did not even think of cleaning the SBU [the Security Service of Ukraine ], intelligence and state apparatus from russian agents.

None of our presidents properly strengthened our defense potential, did not develop our own weapons production. Now we are completely dependent on foreign aid. But the war in Ukraine is for russia only a way to destroy a dangerous opponent and reappropriate our history and culture. Because the strategic goal of the Evil Empire is to destroy the Western world as a stronghold of democracy, freedom, and justice.

The Western world hasn’t realized it yet. It does not understand that russia, in one way or another, was involved in most crises, terrorist attacks and wars in the world. Involved in the creation and support of most terrorist organizations. Involved in the spread of anti-Western rhetoric, making it mainstream in many countries. That it was russia who stimulated the flow of mass emigration, using too toothless and tolerant European legislation.

The Western world naively pumped this Evil with financial resources and investments. Hoping that it would calm it down. The world looked at russian diplomats, businessmen and “good russians” – and saw that they are similar to Europeans, that they use the same rhetoric. The Western world believed that the priorities of russians are also peace and well-being.

Naively believed, regardless of the facts. Regardless of the terror in Chechnya [the Chechen Republic]. Regardless of the occupation of Georgia. Regardless of the occupation of Crimea and the war in Ukraine. Regardless of the crimes against humanity in Syria. Some people, like Clinton, later admitted their mistakes. But the majority, like Merkel, Obama or Sarkozy, stubbornly defend their criminal decisions and approaches.

So how do we awaken the Western world? How to return it to the format of “adult” approaches and solutions? How to mobilize for the fight against russian Evil? To realize the need to destroy the evil Empire and prepare to control this huge territory with its not quite adequate population.

Authoritative Ukrainian figures have long been presenting the Civil Society Manifesto “The World After Our Victory” at all possible Western venues. This document says what the world was afraid to even think about until recently. Very slowly and with fear, but they are beginning to listen to our theses. Step by step, drop by drop, we destroy established misconceptions.

Because there is no other way to establish permanent peace in central and Eastern Europe than the defeat of russia and the end of its existence as an empire. The Western world must overcome its fear.

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