kremlin Supports Pseudo-Academic Narratives Around the Globe

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russia is investing millions of dollars to have its propaganda delivered to Western audiences under the guise of more “nuanced” interpretations of politics and international events, says a new analysis from the Institute of Modern russia (IMR), Demdigest reports.

Despite the ruble in freefall and anti-kremlin sanctions, russia is diligently continuing to increase state funding for its propaganda machine by around 30 percent per year, according to the report titled “Hybrid Analytica: Pro-kremlin Expert Propaganda in moscow, Europe and the U.S.: A Case Study on Think Tanks and Universities,” authored by Dr. Kateryna Smagliy, with a contribution from Ilya Zaslavskiy.

The authors define “hybrid analytica” as “the process of design, development and promotion of various pseudo-academic narratives by duped or manipulated bona fide intellectuals, academics and think tank experts or political ‘lobbyists in disguise,’ whose vested interests have been recruited through the global network of the kremlin-linked operatives.”

It is designed “to support and accommodate the international or domestic agenda of the putin regime” and leads to the “demolition of factuality, disinformation, intentional misinterpretation of events, undermined trust in expertise, and overall pollution of the policymaking and public debate environment.”

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