russians steal horses, zebras and bison from Ukraine’s Biosphere Reserve “Askania-Nova”

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przewalskis horse

During the period of its occupation, Przewalski’s horses, Chapman’s zebras, American bison, and David’s deer were illegally taken out of the Biosphere Reserve Askania-Nova, Viktor Shapoval, director of the Askania-Nova Biosphere Reserve, told the correspondent of

Shapoval emphasized that Przewalski’s horses, which are kept in Askania-Nova, are listed in the International Stud Book, and the Askania-Nova Zoo is a participant in the European Program for the Preservation of Endangered Species (EEP).

In addition, Przewalski’s horse is listed in the Red Book of Ukraine and the IUCN Red List, as well as the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). David’s deer and American bison are species included in the IUCN Red List with the status of “endangered” and “near threatened” respectively.

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