russian imperialism must be countered with force – Finnish speaker

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On the 90th anniversary of the Holodomor, а genocide of the Ukrainian nation by the USSR, Finnish speaker Jussi Halla-aho delivered his speech in Ukraine’s parliament in impeccable Ukrainian.

“On November 30, 1939, my country, Finland, became a victim of russian imperialist ambitions. The events of February 24 last year – the unprovoked invasion and bombing of Ukrainian cities awakened painful memories of our own historical experience with our eastern neighbor. The big disappointment was that, despite all the naive optimism after the Cold War, the mentality and character of the russian state did not change.

As then, as today, it does not respect international law or its obligations. It does not value their own life or that of others. It believes that it has a right to veto the elections of its neighbors, a right to veto even their existence. russia respects and understands power. russian imperialism must be countered with force. In the first days of the war, few people in the West believed that Ukraine was capable of resisting the russian offensive. With your heroic struggle, Ukrainians not only earned the respect of the entire civilized world, but also gave us the courage to act,” Halla-aho said.

Yussi Halla-aho is a philologist. He studied russian and other Slavic languages. In addition, he worked in the visa department of the Embassy of Finland in Kyiv.

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