“Barbarian subempire will be destroyed.” Azov called attack on Olenivka act of public execution

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public execution

The Azov Regiment regards the mass murder of Ukrainian prisoners of war in the village of Olenivka as an act of public execution, Mykyta Nadtochii, Azov Regiment Acting Commander, said in a video address.

“We consider the attack on Olenivka as an act of public execution. russia carried it out of impunity. They are used to the fact that no one brings them to justice, even for openly violating the laws, customs and rules of warfare,” he noted.

Currently, the “Azov” regiment is starting to get the names of the perpetrators and organizers of the execution and has preliminary information that should not be disclosed. “We will find them wherever they are: in the occupied territories of Ukraine, in russia or in third countries,” – said the major.

After that, Nadtochii switched to russian and said that “the barbarian subempire will be destroyed” and “everyone” involved in the tragedy in Olenivka “will be executed” following the decision of the International Tribunal.

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