Poroshenko to Western partners: Please don’t use electoral, political populism to destroy support for Ukraine. And don’t play these dirty putin’s games

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For putin, destabilization of the region, the continent, and the entire world is the main condition for survival. But the only way to end the war is the victory of Ukraine, the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said in an interview with Canadian journalist Michael Serapio.

“We have enough weapons to fight, but not enough weapons to win. Our goal is not just to contain russia and wage a positional war. Our goal is victory. The only way to end the war is for Ukraine to win. If we don’t have that victory, it means that putin will use the time between the ceasefires to prepare to produce even more weapons, missiles, and fighter jets, and attack again. No one knows where. Maybe in the Baltics, maybe in the Balkans. Because for putin the only way to survive is – destabilization. Destabilize the region, destabilize the continent, destabilize the world,” Poroshenko said.

He noted that victory requires weapons, sanctions, and justice, as well as Ukraine’s full membership in NATO.

“Because there is no other form of security guarantee than NATO. When we talk about the Israeli type of security guarantee that was given to Israel by the G7, the US, did it stop the Hamas attack? No. It means that when russia destroyed the entire post-war security mechanism, based on the UN Security Council, we have only one tool for a sustainable security situation on the continent. And the name of this mechanism is NATO,” Poroshenko is convinced.

“What do we need to join NATO? In order for all NATO member states to support it, we need two things. Number one is reforms. Ukraine must be ready for NATO membership. By the way, the list of reforms is comparable to EU membership, it is about 85 or 90 percent the same. In this situation, my request to the NATO member countries is: Give us a list of 10, 8, or maybe 5 most important reforms. Anti-corruption, security sector, justice reform. And we will do our best, to carry out these reforms and present them for evaluation at the Washington Summit. Because it is in our interests. We are not doing this for America, nor for Canada, nor for NATO,” Poroshenko believes.

“And the second is Article 5. Article 5, as they say, cannot be obtained during war. Please invite us to the Washington Summit. And make a special agreement that Ukraine’s full membership in NATO will be the first day of peace. This will be enough for us. This would be a very strong motivation,” Poroshenko stressed.

The politician also noted that even in the conditions of russia’s superiority in the air and at sea, the Armed Forces of Ukraine demonstrate miracles on the battlefield.

“No NATO member country can demonstrate an offensive operation without air dominance, as Ukraine has done. No NATO country can demonstrate a successful maritime operation without a military fleet, as Ukraine has done. And no NATO country can demonstrate the effectiveness of a counteroffensive operation when russia has more troops than us. More artillery than us. More ammunition than us. And even in this situation, our army is doing a miracle and showing progress,” Poroshenko said.

“russia is fighting against the whole world. And Ukraine is fighting for the whole world. russia expected that democratic countries were weak, and therefore authoritarian russia could win the war within 72 hours. We demonstrated that democracy is undoubtedly stronger. Please believe in a Ukrainian victory. Because this victory would be a victory for Canada, a victory for the US, a victory for the entire Free World,” Poroshenko said.

“And the last argument. Someone is talking about money today. My answer is that the cheapest way to win the war is to support Ukraine, give Ukraine weapons, and invite Ukraine to NATO. Very simple three steps. Otherwise, not only will we spend ten times more money, because russia will not stop, but you will also fight with your own soldiers,” Poroshenko warned.

“Please don’t use electoral, political populism to destroy support for Ukraine. And don’t play these dirty putin’s games. There is no gray area in a war between russia and Ukraine or in supporting a global coalition. Because if you don’t support Ukraine, if you want to stay away, if you want to put some additional condition to end or delay support to Ukraine, that means you are on putin’s side, which is totally unacceptable because it is the side of evil. russia, North Korea, Iran – anyone wants to join this team?”, Poroshenko said.

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