Waiting for Pearl Harbor? West will not view russia’s war against Ukraine as immediate threat until similar shock occurs – Lithuanian Foreign Minister

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The West will not view russia’s war against Ukraine as an immediate threat until a shock similar to Pearl Harbor occurs, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis was cited as saying by lrt.lt.

Lithuania’s top diplomat drew the parallel to Japan’s surprise attack in 1941, when the death of over 2,400 American soldiers prompted the US to enter World War II, during a discussion at a foreign policy forum in Berlin.

He noted that the West has not been open and honest enough about what the russian-Ukrainian war actually means, and suggested that this may be due to a fear of escalation.

In most cases, we try to present this as a regional, still distant problem that does not affect us at all. This is a big political problem that should be at the center of discussions, Landsbergis said. “As a person interested in history, I am afraid “that we are waiting for Pearl Harbor. We have already gone through all the stages, but we believe that since Pearl Harbor did not happen, then everything is fine. However, everything is not so good.”

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