Ukraine to launch English-language course on history, culture, and identities

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The Ukrainian Institute, National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”, and the studio of online education EdEra have developed the first online course about Ukraine in English – «Ukraine: History, Culture, and Identities», writes

The course is aimed at guiding the listeners through the thousand years of Ukrainian history starting from Kyivan Rus’ to the declaration of independence.

According to the Ukrainian Institute, the course will help to get the basic knowledge about Ukrainian history and culture, as well as break the stereotypes that Ukraine is only associated with war and the Chornobyl catastrophe. It is the biggest country in Europe, the birthplace of Kazymyr Malevych, Alla Horska, Oleksandr Dovzhenko, and many talented artists and public figures known all around the world. Ukraine has always had an influence on global history.

The online course «Ukraine: History, Culture, and Identities» will be released as a MOOC. It consists of 5 modules:

  • Independent Ukraine;
  • Kyivan Rus’ and the Middle Ages;
  • Ukrainian Territory in the Early Modern Period;
  • Ukraine in XIX Century;
  • Ukraine in XX Century.

The lectors of the course are the Ukrainian researchers and the professors of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, namely Maksym Yakovliev, Vadym Aristov, Tetiana Hryhorieva, Kateryna Dysa, Natalia Shlikhta.

The release date of the course will be announced soon. Follow the news of the project on our social media.

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