“Terrorist #1 asks for humanity.” russia declared mourning for those killed in Crocus City Hall, but continues to kill Ukrainians every day – Klitschko

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Today was another terrorist attack by russia. Ballistic missiles fired at Kyiv in broad daylight. Destruction. Victims, minors in particular. russia declared a day of mourning for those killed in the Crocus City Hall, but continued to kill itself. Canceled festive events to mourn the deaths, but continued to launch rockets to bring death to Ukraine, Kyiv Mayor Vitalii Klitschko wrote for pravda.com.ua.

The number of people who died at the hands of terrorists in Crocus is about 140 people. The number of people killed at the hands of russian terrorists in the city of Bucha is 1,137. The number of people who died at the hands of russian terrorists in Mariupol is at least 8,000 people. Kyiv and Kharkiv, Dnipro and Odesa, Shostka, Uman, Kostyantynivka and hundreds of other cities and villages of Ukraine… tens of thousands of our compatriots have been dying at the hands of russian terrorists for more than two years.

Since the beginning of the war, as of January 2024, russia has fired 7,400 missiles at residential buildings, kindergartens and schools, hospitals and maternity homes, churches, offices, and shopping centers in Ukraine. Thousands of deaths. Hundreds of “crocuses”.

The citizens of the neighboring country calmly coexist in their heads with two mutually murderous theses: “ISIS terrorism against russians is bad, but russian terrorism against Ukrainians is good.” And today, terrorist #1 is trying to get the sympathy of the civilized world. An inhuman asks for humanity. And the world responds with humanity: it lowers its flags, expresses sympathy. Although the difference between the actions of the terrorists in “Crocus” and the actions of the russians in Ukraine is only in scale: russia kills more. Evil is the same.

What will putin do?

putin will use the terrorist attack to condemn even more lives. Nord-Ost, Beslan, Ryazan Sugar, Crocus City Hall – terrorist attacks, some of which bordered on the date of putin’s election and after which the dictator could make any decisions without consequences.

Immediately after the events in “Crocus City Hall” in russia, the question of the return of the death penalty arose. If this happens, new oppositionists will not have to be quietly killed in prisons or poisoned by “Novichok”. They will get a death penalty.

More to come. According to representatives of the EU and the intelligence of Western partners, after the presidential “elections,” russia may launch another major offensive in Ukraine. Currently, it is creating a new group of troops of more than 100 thousand soldiers.

The events in “Crocus” will facilitate the process of mobilization for putin. Rospropagandists have already picked up on putin’s delusion about the “Ukrainian window” through which the militants were supposed to escape. And therefore there will be mobilization in russia. Now he has something to explain it to the population.

What should we do?

Strengthen the defense. Despite russia’s intentions. May God grant that there will be no greater offensive than there is now. We live next to an obsessive neighbor with a manic disorder called “Kyiv in 3 days”. As long as the terrorist is alive, he will not abandon his intention to seize Ukraine.

Therefore, fortifications and defense lines, dragon’s teeth, excavators, tractors, shovels, etc. The issue of fortifications concerns not only front-line regions, but also those that may become front-line regions tomorrow.

Kyiv has built and is constantly strengthening defensive structures around the city. Kyiv is also involved in strengthening the eastern borders of the country. But more is needed.

The issue of the fortifications of Kyiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, Poltava, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia and other regions, which tomorrow may face a new onslaught of the enemy, is a priority today.

And no matter how much the word “unity” is chewed, it is precisely what is lacking in making many decisions today.

I am sure that the mayors and community leaders will be able to demonstrate this unity. At your level, where necessary, at council meetings, strengthen defensive projects, make changes to budgets, strengthen the regions together with the military! Because the coming months will be very difficult.

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