Spain seizes Greco-Scythian gold stolen from Ukraine along with forged documents of possession to russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine

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Madrid National Police, in a joint operation with the Ukrainian Security Service, seized ancient gold artifacts valued at EUR 60m stolen from Ukraine after thieves were caught trying to sell them in Madrid.

The agents have arrested five people, thereby dismantling a criminal network dedicated to the illicit trafficking of cultural property from Ukraine. The seized pieces – gold jewelry of great historical and economic value – had been stolen and illicitly exported from Ukraine, Spanish police said in a statement.

In order to whitewash the origin of the pieces, they were accompanied by documents in Ukrainian, English and Spanish to prove that they belonged to the russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine [rOCiU] and transferred to an Orthodox priest living in Madrid.

All the pieces belong to the Greco-Scythian culture of the 8th and 4th centuries BC, police said.

As reported, russians continue looting Ukraine’s treasures. Tauric Chersonesos Museum is robbed, Byzantium gold is gone.

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