Atlantic Council and more than 40 experts call on Biden to start process of joining NATO for Ukraine

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The Atlantic Council and a group of more than 40 experts, former high-ranking officials, adopted an appeal to US President Joe Biden with a request to speed up the process of Ukraine’s accession to NATO, the press service of the Kyiv Security Forum (KSF) reported.

At the NATO summit in Washington D.C., to take place next year, decisions should be made to accelerate Ukraine’s accession to NATO.

This was emphasized by Amb. John Herbst, Director of Eurasia Center, Atlantic Council, United States Ambassador to Ukraine in 2003-06, at a special event of the Kyiv Security Forum, where the Atlantic Council address to the US President on Ukraine’s accession to NATO was presented.

According to the Ambassador, this document was developed in the wake of the July NATO summit in Vilnius since many were disappointed with its results.

“That’s why we formed a group of experts, specialists, former high-ranking officials to decide what can be done to accelerate Ukraine’s accession to NATO through the Washington summit, to take place next year,” Amb. Herbst said.

He also noted that this group included highly esteemed experts holding high positions: former ambassadors, diplomats, heads of military structures in Europe.

“Our support is not philanthropy, but a smart investment and protection of American interests. And we call for a decisive and unequivocal response to this threat. If putin defeated Ukraine – and this would not happen for as long as America supports Ukraine – he would attack Poland, the Baltic states, and the cost of this aggression would be higher for the USA and NATO than their current aid to Ukraine,” John Herbst said.

“Therefore, we need to take a decisive step towards Ukraine’s membership in NATO, which ought to be taken at the summit in Washington”, – summed up the Director of Eurasia Center, Atlantic Council. 

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