Journalists discovered 110,000 archaeological finds from Ukraine in just two russian museums

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In the online collections of the Hermitage and the State Historical Museum of russia, journalists of discovered 110,000 archaeological finds that were stolen from the territory of modern Ukraine to russia in different historical periods.

“For the most part, the archaeological finds were transported to russia before the declaration of Independence, although there are exceptions. We did not look for works of art, religious icons, and weapons, because their origin is extremely difficult to identify. Looting during the current war was also not investigated,” the journalists said.

It should be noted right away that most of the artifacts are not impressive – primarily, they are parts of ancient ceramics, work tools, etc. However, there are also real priceless jewels made of gold and precious stones.

The research on the stolen finds is intended to demonstrate not only the mythical connection of modern russia to Kyivan Rus, but also the deep historical background of russian attempts to appropriate even the ancient history of Ukraine, the Paleolithic era, Trypillian culture, the ancient and Scythian eras.

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