russians continue looting Ukraine’s treasures. Tauric Chersonesos Museum is robbed, Byzantium gold is gone

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“The occupiers looted the Tauric Chersonesos and took the gold of Byzantium, as well as other artifacts, to Veliky Novgorod for an exhibition, as well as other artifacts: ancient products made of bone, clay, and other materials,” the representation of the President of Ukraine in Crimea said in a statement.

The russians continue illegal archaeological excavations on the territory of this museum. Tauric Chersonesos is an ancient Byzantine city-state in the southwestern part of Crimea. In 1892, a National Reserve was opened on the site of the ruins of the settlement.

On June 23, 2013, at the 37th session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in Cambodia, Tauric Chersonesos was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

After russia’s occupation of Crimea in 2014, there were concerns about the preservation of the museum’s heritage. In 2015, there were reports that the russian army poured concrete over the site of an ancient manor house on Cape Chersonesos.

In December 2022, Evelina Kravchenko, a senior researcher at the Institute of Archeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, said that the russian occupiers had prepared the collections of Tauric Chersonesos to move outside the peninsula.

She reported that about a year ago, the occupiers issued an “order” to prepare for the “evacuation” of the collections of four Sevastopol museums: the Tauric Chersonesos Museum, the Sevastopol Art Museum, the Museum of Panoramas and Dioramas, and the Museum of the Naval Fleet.

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