russian propaganda “shoots to kill” and AP is handing the bullets

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Training kids to kill at Ukrainian nationalist camp” – the name of yet another article by Yuras Karmanau who lives in Minsk but often writes about Ukraine. “When these boys and girls shoot, they will shoot to kill”, – he writes at the beginning, deciding to take the hysteria of the heading to another level.

A little further on you can find other unsubstantiated claims like: “The nationalists have been accused of violence and racism, but they have played a central, volunteer role in Ukraine’s conflict with russia — and they have maintained links with the government.” Even though nationalists may have played important role in defending Ukraine against russia’s aggression, there is no evidence that it can be called central and as for the “links with the government” statement – it sounds more like a deliberate lie, than an honest mistake.

Another questionable statement concerns the Ministry of Youth and Sports that allegedly earmarked about “$150,000 to fund some youth camps among the dozens built by the nationalists.” Whereas according to the Minister of Youth and Sports Igor Zhdanov, the information provided in this material is blatantly false.

Zhdanov noted that the Ternopil regional youth organization “Sokil of Liberty” (that Karmanau is writing about) filed documents for funding, but its application was rejected, and this is stated in the decision of the competition commission. Zhdanov says that the competition for projects on national-patriotic education was conducted transparently. In the competition committee, most of its members are not officials of the Ministry, but representatives of the public. This year they selected 30 projects of 19 public organizations.

During the consideration process of projects, the competition commission analyzes them (including for xenophobia and discrimination). No organization participated in the competition, that was caught in illegal activities, including on the basis of xenophobia, established by a court decision in accordance with Article 62 of the Constitution of Ukraine.

Incidentally, among the projects that were submitted, there were several aimed at overcoming xenophobia and the support of national minorities in Ukraine, and one of them, namely, “The Future Together“, has already been implemented by the “Congress of National Communities of Ukraine”.

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