russia ordered escalation in the Black Sea

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The General staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has intercepted and published on its YouTube channel radio communication between russia’s Navy headquarters and russian ships during the attack on three Ukrainian vessels near Kerch on 25 November.

The audio file that can be (in russian) that can be listened to below suggests that the attack was orchestrated on the highest possible level.  From 1:59 of the file to 2:08, you can clearly hear like russians mention Gennady Medvedev, Deputy Head of the Border Guard Service of the Federal Security Service and the russian president:

“We f*cking need to f*ck them up, we need to f*ck them up for good. Medvedev yells in such a panic, that it seems like the president himself is controlling all this shirtstorm.”

During the unlawful attack in the international waters six Ukrainian military were wounded. russia seized three Ukrainian vessels, on Board of which there were 23 sailors. The ships themselves were taken to Kerch.

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