• Russia is cracking down on minority languages


    Russia is cracking down on minority languages
    Russia has spent the last several years aggressively advocating for the rights of Russian minorities abroad, and in particular for the “protection” of the Russian language. Whenever a country takes any step that can be construed as suppressing or marginalizing Russian speakers, the Kremlin is quick to respond in the most strident of tones, writes COFUND Junior Research Fellow at Durham University Guzel Yusupova for In October 2017, when Latvia’s government made Latvian the default language of education, Sergey Zheleznyak, the ...
  • Unlike Facebook


    Unlike Facebook
    Once thriving, the first massive social network in the world was Myspace. But now it is considered to be a thing of the past. Now it seems like it happened overnight, almost. And the question “Why” is really irrelevant. At one point it just wasn’t – wasn’t providing a good service anymore, wasn’t innovating. “MySpace is very 2004,” some users say, and they are right, the user-interface might not be, but the user-experience surely is. And eventually, this is the ...

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