Thousand-year-old pysanka found in Volyn region

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Local resident Oleksandr Mishchuk discovered an 11th-12th century pysanka [Easter egg] in his garden in the Volyn region, reported.

It happened in the village of Drevyni of the Ivanychiv community. Experts examined the artifact and established that it is about 1,000 years old.

“The Easter egg is smaller than an ordinary chicken egg, its length is 4.5 cm. Most likely, the egg was not a toy or an ordinary household item. It is probably a product connected with religion,” said Taras Verba, head of the ancient history department of the Volyn Museum.

The black color of Easter eggs can symbolize a connection to the afterlife, and is also associated with prolonging life after death.

A similar thousand-year-old Easter egg with a similar pattern was found in the Rivne region in 2013.

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