SBU identified russians, who committed murders and terrorist attacks in Ukraine and EU

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The Security Service of Ukraine [SBU] identified the entire command staff and key employees of one of the most classified russian special services, which committed murders and terrorist attacks in Ukraine and the EU.

Among them are the current commander, Major General Valery Flyustikov, and the former bodyguard of putin, Aleksey Dyumin, who in 2014 held the position of commander of the special forces of the russian Army. On the basis of the collected evidence, both suspects and another 25 representatives of the special operations forces of the russian Federation, as well as their accomplices, were informed of the suspicion.

According to the SBU, the members of the russian special forces were involved in high-profile murders and terrorist attacks on the territory of Ukraine and the European Union. Due to the “specificity” of the tasks, the special operations forces are accountable to the Chief of the General Staff of the russian Federation, but “in some cases” they report directly to putin.

The SBU, in cooperation with Czech partners, established the involvement of the russian special operations forces in the detonation of a warehouse with weapons in the city of Vrbetice in the Czech Republic in 2014. In this way, the kremlin tried to weaken the defense potential of NATO’s eastern flank and destabilize the domestic political situation in Central Europe.

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