russians lost USD 16.6bn worth of equipment in Ukraine since full-scale invasion – Forbes

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During the war, the enemy lost almost 2,000 tanks, 234 aircraft and 15 ships. calculated how much the equipment destroyed by Ukraine cost and which losses were the most painful.

In six months in Ukraine, the russians lost 12,142 pieces of equipment worth $16.56 billion, excluding missiles. The largest loss of the russian army was the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet with powerful weapons – the missile cruiser “Moskva” worth $750 million.

In addition to the “Moskva” on Zmiiny Island and in the surrounding waters, Ukraine destroyed $165 million worth of russian equipment and ships. Among them are eight anti-aircraft complexes of the “Thor”, “Pantsyr” and “Strila” types with a total cost of more than $100 million.

Before the sinking of the “Moskva”, the most expensive loss of the russians was a large Il-76 amphibious aircraft worth $86 million, which was shot down by air defense forces in late February in the sky over Vasylkov, Kyiv region.

The third most expensive was the large amphibious assault ship “Saratov” for $75 million. The Ukrainian army attacked the ship when it was in the port of occupied Berdiansk – delivering military equipment there.

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