Time to double support for Ukraine, not go wobbly – Johnson

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If putin is allowed to get away with his atrocities and to change the borders of Europe by force he will do it again, and other countries will draw the lesson that aggression can pay off, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was cited as saying by the Daily Mail, ukrinform.net reported.

“Now is the time for the West to double down our support, not to go wobbly,” believes the prime minister. With every month that goes by putin’s position grows weaker, Johnson said, adding that putin’s ability “to bully and blackmail is diminishing,” while Britain’s position “will grow stronger.”

“He believes we will tire of backing Ukraine and begin discreetly to encourage the Ukrainians to do a deal, however nauseating, with the tyrant in the kremlin,” reads the oped. “That would be utter madness. In this brutal arm-wrestle, the Ukrainian people can and will win. And so will Britain.”

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