Ukraine’s MFA calls to support petition ‘Put putin on trial’

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putin on trial

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine calls to support the petition “Put putin on trial” on Avaaz platform.

“As terrified mothers and children flee the bombs and bullets, putin is committing the ‘supreme international crime’ — aggression — right before our eyes. There is a powerful way to hold him to account: a new Nuremberg-style tribunal to prosecute him personally for this heinous act.

The Ukrainian foreign minister, Dmytro Kuleba, is calling for the world to create this new special court and support is growing fast. Massive public backing would give this idea irresistible momentum and it would send putin and his cronies a powerful message – the world is going to hold you personally to account.

This new court is key to defending not just Ukraine but the entire world from an attack that was illegal from the minute it began. Join the global call to prosecute putin’s crime in a new Nuremberg-style tribunal – and Avaaz will work directly with renowned experts to get this moving,” petition reads.

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