‘Humanitarian catastrophe.’ russians block medicine delivery to Kherson – regional council official

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Serhiy Khlan, an adviser to the head of the Kherson Regional Military Administration, says that the russian occupiers do not allow bringing medicine to the region’s residents, espreso.tv reported. According to the adviser, Kherson is on the brink of humanitarian catastrophe, and the invaders are carrying out forced certification in the city.

“The situation In Kherson is still difficult; there is a humanitarian crisis there. It is a particularly critical situation when it comes to drugs. People simply can not get the life-saving drugs, such as insulin or hemodialysis,” Khlan said.

He added that in the Kherson region, people are dying because of the shortage of essential medicines.

“The occupiers do not allow us to bring medicines there. Earlier it was possible to deliver all these medicines, including hemodialysis, but today this is no way to do that. The russians have cut off any opportunity to deliver medicine to the occupied Kherson region. It’s been happening for two months. So people just die because they can’t get the right shot or pill in time,” he said.

The adviser to the head of the Kherson Regional Military Administration also noted that the russians are carrying out the forced passportization of Ukrainians, in particular, the occupiers are forcing entrepreneurs to submit lists of people to obtain russian passports under the threat of looting and misappropriation of their businesses.

“The only thing the ruscists are doing there is creating a propaganda picture as if Ukrainians are being passportized. In fact, the occupiers are threatening Kherson enterprises that will rob them if their leader does not provide a certain number of people to queue for a russian passport,” Hlan said.

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