ruscists could have kidnapped 200-300 thousand Ukrainian children – Commissioner for Children’s Rights

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Ukrainian children

According to our calculations, it may be about 200-300 thousand children that they could have abducted, Daria Herasymchuk, Commissioner of the President of Ukraine for Children’s Rights and Rehabilitation, was cited as saying by

“Why can’t we name the exact figure? First of all, the territories are occupied. There is no exact information about what happened to the children. Only after the de-occupation of a settlement, we can have accurate information – whether there is a family with this or that child. If not, we start looking,” she said.

According to Herasymchuk, despite the fact that we are talking about 200-300 thousand deported and forcibly removed children, we currently have accurate information on only about 19,499 such children.

As reported, the OSCE mission concluded that the practice of the forcible transfer or deportation of Ukrainian children may amount to a crime against humanity, according to the report.

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