Bargaining chip for blackmail. ruscists plan to deport almost 300 children from Berdyansk – mayor of Melitopol

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48 children have already been sent to Chuvashia, the rest will follow, the mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, said in a statement.

“The occupiers are taking almost 300 children from the Berdyansk district to “sunny” Chuvashia. russian media reported on the sending of 48 children, the others are going to be taken out in several shifts.

  • at first they seized Ukrainian territories and deprived children of at least the Sea of Azov [in fact – a happy childhood]
  • now they are sending the little ones 1,600 km away from home deep into russia
  • they will continue to manipulate the situation in the Berdyansk direction and keep children in russia as hostages

Ukrainian children are the last thing the enemy thinks about. For them, this is a bargaining chip for blackmail,” the report says.

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