Polish truck drivers blocked delivery of patrol boat for Ukraine – MP

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The transportation of a patrol boat was blocked on the Ukrainian-Polish border. Ukraine’s MP Mykola Knyazhytskyi said in a post on Facebook.

“At the border, the transportation of a patrol boat of the SAFE Boats International company to Ukraine was blocked,. Tomas Bucek, an activist of the pro-russian Confederation [Konfederacja] party, wrote that this is a private yacht that allegedly belongs to me. This is exactly how anti-Ukrainian propaganda works, the purpose of which is to stop the transportation of weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other goods for the needs of warring Ukraine,” Knyazhytskyi said.

What other evidence do the Polish authorities, Polish services need to unlock the border? Why don’t NATO and the US react? Are you OK with the lawlessness on the eastern flank of the Alliance? Knyazhytskyi asked.

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