It’s necessary to create coalition of countries to counter russia’s information aggression

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information aggression

russia promotes itself in terms of the liberation of Europe from Nazism, denies its involvement in World War II as an ally on Germany’s side, and defines the Soviet Union’s seizure of territories then under Polish control as a legitimate step, Anton Drobovych, Head of the Institute of National Remembrance, said in an interview with

“At the same time, russians are imprisoning historians and human rights activists who study the legacy of totalitarianism.

They persecute and hinder the academic careers of people who study the activities of the russian Liberation Army, an ally of the Nazis.

russia is wiping out its information space of constructive criticism of Soviet totalitarian myths, justifying the crimes of the Stalinist regime, and cultivating a negative attitude toward Ukraine and Poland.

This should be counteracted, in particular, by creating international coalitions. Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia understand very well what we are talking about,” Drobovych said.

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