Google exec to UN: russia uses disinformation to cause resentment against Ukrainian refugees and justify war crimes

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russia uses disinformation

A Google executive Jared Cohen warned the UN Security Council that russia is using disinformation campaigns to cause resentment against Ukrainian refugees and justify war crimes, reported.

Numerous campaigns are now designed to cause resentment against Ukrainian refugees across Europe. “Disinformation about criminal activities related to refugees is being spread through social networks, about their allegedly privileged position compared to the country’s citizens,” Cohen said, noting that the strategy is aimed at undermining public and political support for Ukraine.

“The information war has penetrated the homes of ordinary people around the world, activists and political leaders,” a Google spokesman noted, adding that moscow’s efforts are aimed at “positioning Ukrainians as liars,” and turning public opinion back in favor of russia.

Such attacks are carried out through a combination of real people, trolls and advanced chat rooms, he added. That said, many platforms are incapable of responding to these attacks quickly and accurately.

Another vector of attacks was the use of disinformation and lies to incite and justify extreme violence, Cohen said. “The relentless russian propaganda among its citizens – saying Ukrainians were Nazis – serves to dehumanize them in the eyes of the russian military, which has led to many war crimes,” the Google spokesman stressed.

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