russians commit 200-300 war crimes every day – Ukraine’s Prosecutor General

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war crimes

Ukraine is recording 200-300 war crimes committed by russian forces on Ukrainian territory every day, Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova was cited as saying by

“War crimes are our trouble. Every day we have 200-300 of them, and it’s not because we want or don’t want to start [an investigation] and move. It’s because we have a duty: when there is a crime, we have to start an investigation,” Venediktova said.

She clarified that law enforcement officers, of course, cannot investigate them all effectively at the same time. “Very often we do not have access to territories or people at all. However, this does not mean that we should not start an investigation. We will always do it,” she said.

According to Venediktova, almost all war crimes listed in the Rome Statute, on three pages, are, unfortunately, committed in Ukraine.

She also recalled that there are currently 623 suspects in the main case regarding the russian invasion of Ukraine.

“We are talking, in particular, about the three most important crimes committed during the war – war crimes, genocide, the investigation into which we began from the first days of the [all-out] war, and, of course, aggression. As for the crimes of aggression, we have more than 20 of cases. As for genocide, we already have two suspects who called for genocide,” Venediktova said.

She said that law enforcement officers are also investigating 12 cases of ecocide, which were committed during the full-scale war with russia.

“These are crimes against the environment. You remember them [the invaders] coming to the Chornobyl nuclear power plant and other nuclear power plants, etc. Of course, we opened these proceedings and we are investigating them. As for the result of these proceedings, we’ll see, but we are in the process,” Venediktova said.

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