russian disinformation machine pushes new narratives about war in Ukraine, don’t fall for it

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russia is actively spreading several new disinformation narratives that are directed against Ukraine among its sympathizers, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba said during a live stream on Facebook.

According to the Minister, the first narrative is that Ukraine’s resistance is futile so the country should surrender and, in the end, the West will abandon it. The second narrative is that Ukraine has shifted the world’s attention from addressing other problems, and instead of helping Ukraine, the West should solve other issues. “In this way, russians are trying to set Africa, the Middle East, and in part Asia against Ukraine, against our partners, claiming that we discriminate them in some way,” the diplomat said.

Kuleba has also noted that russia trying to persuade everybody that the world’s food crisis is related to sanctions imposed on russia, demanding that these restrictions be lifted. In various conversations, Kuleba felt that the following thesis is also gaining ground: “Why is Ukraine so desperately resisting, causing such unfathomable suffering to its own people and country? If the war is so difficult, if everything is so complicated, you must sit down and negotiate. You need to negotiate with russia, whatever the price of the agreement.”

He referred to the comment as really “painful” because it does not respect the sacrifice made by the Ukrainian people in the war, fighting for their freedom.

“These are the narratives that russia is starting to spin more and more. And some do pick them up,” Kuleba said.

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