European Parliament votes to grant Ukraine EU candidate status ‘without delay’

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The European Parliament adopted a resolution on granting Ukraine and Moldova the status of a candidate for membership in the European Union without delay.

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“With 529 votes to 45 and 14 abstentions, Parliament adopted on Thursday a resolution calling on the Heads of State or Government – who hold their summit today and tomorrow – to grant EU candidate status to Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova ‘without delay’,” the press release of the European Parliament reads.

MEPs also call on EU leaders to grant Georgia the same status “once its government has delivered on the priorities indicated by the European Commission.”

“Ukrainians, Moldovans and Georgians deserve to live in free, democratic and prosperous countries that are proud and committed members of the European family,” MEPs state.

The European Parliament invites the authorities of Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and Georgia to “unambiguously demonstrate their political determination to implement the European ambitions of their people”, accelerating reforms in order to effectively fulfil the criteria for EU membership as soon as possible.

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