Estonia’s ambassador on support for Ukraine: We know what russia is

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The newly appointed ambassador of the Republic of Estonia to Ukraine, Anneli Kolk, said that her country supports Ukraine against the russian aggression because Estonians understand well “what russia is”.

“We do this not only in the interests of Ukraine, but also in our own interests. Since the beginning of hostilities, the main goal of every Estonian diplomat has been to provide support to Ukraine. Estonia really provides colossal support. We realize that Ukraine is fighting for the freedom of the whole of Europe. russia is our neighbor too, and if Ukraine doesn’t stop it, the same can happen to us.

We understand well what russia is. We were under occupation. We warned that russia could invade Ukraine, even when all of Europe did not believe it. We talked about its ability to take such actions. Ukrainians and Estonians, having been occupied by the Soviet Union, understand each other very well,” Kolk said.

According to her, russia is currently a member of the UN Security Council, but it should be excluded from this organization. “It is important for us to jointly stop russia, exclude it from international bodies and bring the responsible persons to court. Only then will we be able to feel safe, and this applies not only to Estonia, but also to the whole of Europe. We know what russia is,” she said.

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