Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia: russia, which is ruled by war criminal, cannot chair UN security council

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Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia opposed the russian presidency of the UN Security Council in April, reported.

“Isn’t it eloquent that tomorrow, on the anniversary of the massacre in Bucha, russia will take the post of the head of the Security Council? It is shameful, humiliating and dangerous for the trust in this body and its effective functioning,” said Permanent Representative of Estonia to the United Nations, Rein Tammsaar.

According to him, a country that wages an aggressive war against its neighbor, commits the most terrible atrocities, threatens the world with nuclear weapons, and whose leader is a war criminal for whom the ICC has issued an arrest warrant, cannot lead the Security Council.

“Responsible members of this body must resist russia’s attempts to turn the main venue of international diplomacy into a laughing stock and a platform for disinformation,” he added.

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