putin should sit in Nuremberg. russia is not just waging war against Ukraine, but committing genocide – MFA of Estonia

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russia is not just waging an aggressive war against Ukraine, but also has genocidal intent and wants to destroy the Ukrainian nation and its culture, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, Urmas Reinsalu, was cited as saying by ukrinform.net.

“Justice begins with the truth. And the truth is that there is genocidal intent in this war… Estonia sees this as genocide. There is genocidal intent here. It is not just a matter of capturing and establishing physical control over the territory during the aggression. The intention is not just to physically occupy houses and people, but also to destroy Ukraine as a nation and Ukrainian culture,” he said.

The Estonian minister reminded that the convention on the prevention of the crime of genocide and its punishment stipulates that all states must take all measures to prevent it.

Reinsalu emphasized that the international community is obliged to act, and bringing those guilty of crimes committed by russia against Ukraine to justice is a litmus test here. “Prosecution is not just about putin or russia. It’s also about the innocent victims in Ukraine, it’s about us. The whole world must give an appropriate response,” he said.

According to the minister, it is necessary to bring the guilty to justice both for the sake of Ukraine and for the sake of “our future generations and the future of Europe,” because “if the aggressor does not pay for the crimes, they will be repeated.”

“My clear message is that we should not only say abstract things about prosecution, but we should create a tribunal based on the mandate of the UN General Assembly,” the Estonian foreign minister emphasized.

He added that “putin should sit in Nuremberg.”

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