Commander of Azov: For almost 10 years russian propaganda tried to discredit Azov, but truth belongs to us

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For almost 10 years, enemy propaganda has been trying its best to discredit Azov, coming up with many baseless accusations that, when analyzed in detail, do not stand up to criticism and are not supported by any evidence. The commander of the “Azov” brigade, lieutenant colonel Denys Prokopenko “Redis” said in a statement.

“The lies that some media and so-called “experts” have been methodically and deliberately spreading about the unit for years are harmful not only to Azov, but also to the entire Ukrainian Defense Forces and our country. However, the enemy does not seem to be able to fool people with its media attacks. There are also those who conduct their own investigations that shatter the accusations of Azov of all the imaginary sins that exist in someone’s sick imagination.

On the website, people who care have analyzed the main myths about Azov and refuted each of them, relying on a large evidence base: facts, photos and videos, links to real events and quotes from well-known researchers, politicians and religious leaders about the Azov Brigade.

Sharing this and other similar counter-propaganda resources with foreign journalists, politicians, and ordinary people is extremely important in the context of the fight against kremlin fakes.

The truth belongs to us. And the truth will prevail,” Prokopenko wrote.

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