British Ambassador: Achievements of AFU in Black Sea had geostrategic and economic effect

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Last year, the Armed Forces of Ukraine had significant achievements in the Black Sea, which became a real victory for Ukraine and had a geostrategic and economic effect, the British ambassador to Ukraine, Martin Harris, said in an interview with

“This is a very big achievement. We believe that the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed almost 20% of the russian fleet. And you also drove the russian fleet 300 kilometers from Sevastopol to Novorossiysk,” the diplomat said.

As a result of the actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the west of the Black Sea opened up for Ukrainian exports. “The new corridor is working. It is not only a grain corridor, it is a corridor for all goods of the Ukrainian economy,” Harris noted.

As a result, the ambassador added, last year Ukraine’s economy grew by 4.8% – much more than the IMF forecast.

“This achievement of the Armed Forces of Ukraine had a geostrategic and economic effect. I think it was a very important moment in 2023… What happened in the Black Sea is actually a victory for Ukraine,” the diplomat noted.

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