Ben Hodges: We, the West, in particular the United States and Germany, have not delivered. We’re not even committed to Ukraine winning

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The failure of the US and its allies to support Ukraine has global implications as it encourages Iran, North Korea, and China, Gen. Ben Hodges, the former commanding general of the United States Army Europe, was cited as saying by

“I thought that General Zaluzhnyi’s Economist piece was actually very useful. It was sober, it was clear, and he identified exactly what the challenges are and what they need. This is exactly the kind of analysis you would want from your chief of defense, chief of the staff, and it was very professional analysis. No emotion, very professional analysis. I think that’s a very good to-do list for Ukraine as well as the rest of us to help address,” Hodges said.

According to Hodges, the Western countries have not responded openly to the list of Ukraine’s needs. “Obviously, our Congress, it’s embarrassing that they walked away from their responsibility. I hope that this will get resolved this month or early February but what a gift to the kremlin that our government and our Congress are abdicating their responsibilities. We are going to lose big,” Hodges said.

Ukraine’s going to keep fighting no matter what. But we in the West are going to lose big if we don’t help Ukraine defeat russia. “If the United States and their allies, if we don’t have the political will and the defense industrial capacity and the military capability, but especially the will to help Ukraine defeat russia, to help Israel destroy Hamas, to help to force, to contain Iran’s ability to use their proxies to disrupt international shipping, to deter North Korea. The Chinese need to see that we still can do all of that and deter them from making a terrible miscalculation. So this is what’s at stake here,” Hodges said.

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