18 enterprises of russian defense industry are not affected by Western sanctions – analysts

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Western sanctions

The factories producing Kalibr missiles, Tornado MLRS, Grad, Smerch, and Strela-10 air defense systems, which russia uses every day to kill Ukrainian people, are still not under sanctions, the analysts of Trap Aggressor group inform.

The experts stress that eighteen russian manufacturers producing weapons identified on the territory of Ukraine are still not affected by the sanctions of the European Union, the USA, and Great Britain. According to the report, which refers to the NAZK register, the list of such companies includes:

1) “Novator Research Design Bureau,” manufacturer of Kalibr missiles). Although in the USA, this enterprise is on the list of companies that are prohibited from exporting, the report says.

2) “Special Design Bureau,” manufacturer of Multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) “Tornado,” “Grad,” “Smerch,” self-propelled artillery “Nona-SVK” and “Hosta.”

3) A.E. Nudelman Design Bureau of Precision Machine Building, producer of the Strela-10 air defense system.

4) “Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant “Kupol,” manufacturer of the “Tor” air defense system.

5) “Grupa Impuls,” which is the parent company of JSC “Arzamas Machine-Building Plant,” producer of BTR-82, Tigr, Tigr-M, and BREM-K armored vehicles.

6) “Vityaz Machine-Building Company” JSC, manufacturer of DT-30 “Vityaz” armored vehicles).

7) CJSC Zavolzhsky Plant of Tracked Tractors, manufacturer of GAZ-3344-20 “Aleut” armored vehicles.

8) JSC “RS-Leasing,” which is the parent company of LLC “Scientific and Production Association” Izhevsk unmanned systems,” manufactures UAV “Tachion.”

9) Enix, producer of Eleron unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

10) SC “Skhidna Verf,” producer of landing craft project 11770).

11) “Burevisnyk Central Scientific Research Institute,” manufacturer of 120-mm mortar.

12) “Research and Production Association of russian Basic Information Technologies,” manufacturer of APE-5 command points.

13) “Holding Company “Ego-holding” which is the parent company of JSC Naukovo, the implementing enterprise “Protek,” manufacturing the R-330Zh “Zhitel” radar.

14) “Strila Scientific and Production Association,” producer of “SNAR-10m1” and “Zoopark-1M” radars.

15) JSC “Avtomobilny Zavod” Ural,” producer of trucks and SUVs.

16) JSC Bryansk Automobile Plant, manufacturer of chassis for Tor and Buk, and air defense systems.

The experts also note that the Western sanctions didn’t affect JSC Kazan Optical and Mechanical Plant, which manufactures Rtut BM radars. According to the report, Ukraine imposed sanctions against this plant for a period of 3 years on May 14, 2020.

At the same time, only the United States but not the EU and Great Britain imposed sanctions against LLC Commercial Cars — The GAZ Group, which produces trucks, Gaz-Tigr, Gaz-Tigr-M armored vehicles.

In total, Trap Aggressor experts identified 69 russian enterprises directly involved in the production of equipment destroyed in Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale invasion.

The analysts stress that the plants affected by the sanctions produce much fewer weapons, giving an example of the Kazan Helicopter Plant, which produced 107 helicopters in 2014 but now has only 44 helicopters under development.

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