Western world, starting with US, still afraid of russia – Klymenko

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The Western world, starting with the US, is still afraid of russia, the co-founder and chief editor of the web portal blackseanews.net Andrii Klymenko wrote.

In fact, all these ‘Black Sea stories’ are the result of unresolved strategic questions, and they should be asked not only in the case of russia’s aggressive actions in relation to shipping. No matter how trite it sounds, the civilized world is still afraid of russia. This fear has existed for many years. I would even say that it is inherited from the time of the Cold War, from the time of nuclear confrontation.

Entire generations of Western politicians, soldiers, experts, political scientists, journalists, and so on, up to ordinary citizens-voters, were raised on this fear. Of course, this does not apply to everyone, but a significant number is infected with this existential fear of, are you serious?, the “second army of the world,” of a state that is capable of sending anything to a long distance with its missiles, of a powerful nuclear state that has more warheads than the US…

All these fears are greatly exaggerated, they must be dispelled, which, in fact, the Defense Forces of Ukraine have been doing for a year and a half. However, this is obviously not enough. Ukraine [in a broad sense – from politicians and government officials to experts, specialists, our citizens and compatriots abroad] needs to demonstrate and remind our friends and partners again and again, at the same time as thanking them immensely for their support, that the russian Federation is not as scary as it was used to be wrongly considered for decades after the Second World War.

Because it interferes with the support of Ukraine, interferes with the introduction of sanctions, and those possible measures that could and should have been taken in the Black Sea well before in order to put russia in its place.

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