Ukrainians destroyed 3,600 russian tanks, and Ukraine needs thousands of tanks, not two hundred – Poroshenko

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During his speech at the European Economic Congress in Katowice, Petro Poroshenko called on the allies to speed up the supply of the necessary weapons for the Armed Forces. In particular, Poroshenko emphasized that Ukraine needs thousands of tanks, not two hundred.

“Weapons are the highest priority. We must understand that this is not just a supply of weapons or aid to Ukraine – no, it is an investment in European security, in your security. And we have to shift the European and world economy to military rails,” Poroshenko said.

He also called for speeding up negotiations on the supply of ammunition to Ukraine: “We need ammunition. Ammunition is a top priority. This is a new type of war, artillery war, ammunition war, drone war, electronic warfare. Without ammunition, it is impossible to win such a war. In Bakhmut we have 1 hour of artillery fire against 15 russians. How to win a fight with this?”

“We need weapons, we need air defense. We need jet fighters. Why? Because now russia is starting to use glide bombs that fly 30 km with a capacity of 1000 kilograms. Nothing can protect against these bombs. Only if you have jet fighters, which will not allow russia to reach,” says Poroshenko.

“We need EW [Electronic Warfare] systems. We need long-range missiles to destroy the logistics of their advancing troops. We need tanks. And I want to thank Poland for its decisive decision, which demonstrated leadership in the tank coalition. But I just want to remind you that the Ukrainians destroyed 3,600 russian tanks. And now from the tank coalition, we got only 200 or so. 3000 – and 200 … This is the key factor of victory,” Poroshenko emphasizes.

“Everyone hates the idea of a frozen war. How do we avoid a frozen war? More weapons, more ammunition for the Ukrainian Armed Forces – there is nothing else,” Poroshenko said.

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