Poroshenko calls to punish kremlin’s ally and introduce ‘hellish sanctions’ against iran

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The world should impose hellish sanctions because of Tehran’s transfer of civilian-killing kamikaze drones to putin’s regime, the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said in a statement.

“First of all, Ukraine and the world should introduce targeted hellish sanctions against iran in order to close all opportunities for further criminal cooperation between moscow and Tehran. Everyone who helps or thinks of cooperating with the kremlin should understand that they too will end their journey in the same inglorious and shameful way as putin,” the fifth President noted.

The cynical and barbaric russian attack against civilians in Ukraine and critical infrastructure using iranian drones is yet another war crime by the kremlin, for which full responsibility will surely come, he added.

Poroshenko also called for intensifying international pressure in the case of the downing of a Ukrainian plane in the sky over Tehran in 2020. “The guilty must be brought to justice. Then 176 people died. Today, iranian drones only add to the deadly list of innocent victims. It is a matter of honor for Kyiv and the world to punish those responsible for the catastrophe then, and for acts of terror today,” Poroshenko is convinced.

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