Ukrainian IT Army paralyzed operation of russia’s automated enterprise management system 1C-Rarus

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One of russia’s largest enterprise resource planning systems ‘1C-Rarus’ is down due to attacks by the Ukrainian IT Army, the Ministry of Digital Transformation said in a statement.

“Customers have lost access to the system and are unable to operate at full capacity. 1C-Rarus has a network of 150,000 users, including such tech giants and war sponsors as Tatneft and VTB. Stores and gas stations are unable to receive payments from customers as their cash registers are currently inoperable, which has led to major losses for russia’s economy,” the message reads.

Anyone can join the IT Army and use their computer to hurt russian corporations and businesses, the ministry added.

As reported, russian propaganda spreads fake news about US/NATO cyber-forces involvement to explain Ukrainian cybersecurity.

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