Ukraine’s intelligence obtained 100 gigabytes of classified information about russian military equipment worth USD 1.5bn

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The Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine [GUR] said that it obtained 100 gigabytes of classified data from the russian firm “Special Technology Center” [STC].

STC has been under sanctions since 2016. It produces military equipment and machinery used by the russian army in the war against Ukraine.

The GUR reports that the specified company manufactures UAV “Orlan” of various modifications, a number of means of radio-electronic warfare and intelligence, and other military products.

“The array of information transferred to the GUR contains documentation for 194 units: drawings, specifications, patents, software, etc. ― we are talking about both existing and military equipment under development. According to preliminary estimates, the value of the received data may amount to USD 1.5bn. This is a significant blow to terrorist moscow: the specified archive is already being used to strengthen Ukraine’s defense capabilities and weaken the aggressor state,” the message said.

It is noted that it was possible to obtain confidential information of one of the critically important enterprises of the military industry of the russian Federation thanks to effective interaction with patriotic representatives of civil society and the media community.

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