Ukraine plans to launch eight satellites into orbit by 2025

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The National Targeted Scientific and Technical Space Program for 2021-2025 has been drafted to launch eight Ukrainian satellites into Earth orbit. This was announced by the chief of the State Space Agency, Volodymyr Taftay, reported.

“The program has three main directions – producing space Earth observation systems and powerful launch vehicles, introducing the latest space technologies in the service market, and pursuing massive R&D. To be more precise, it’s about eight Ukrainian satellites in the orbit – one medium-resolution satellite, six – high-resolution (1 meter) and one – ultrahigh-resolution (0.5 meters),” said the head of the State Space Agency.

According to the official, producing heavy-class rocket and space complexes (Zenith-7H), medium-range (Cyclone-4M), and light (Cyclone 1) launch vehicles is also in the works, as well as developing an ultralight complex.

In addition, the space program lays down plans to put in mass production components for Antares and Vega launch vehicles, create outer space monitoring systems, ionosphere and atmospheric aerosol research devices, as well as a number of high-end devices to ensure Ukraine’s participation in international projects in conjunction with NASA and the European Space Agency. It is also planned to deploy a telemetry data command and measurement station at the Academician Vernadsky Antarctic Station.

Taftay has noted that the agency also plans to create a lunar module, design and develop tools, systems, and devices for a promising lunar mission within the Artemis international project.

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