Ukraine launches database of russian war criminals

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The Ukrainian President’s Office has launched a “Book of Executioners,” a system to collate evidence of war crimes committed during russia’s occupation, deputy head of the Presidential Office Andrii Smirnov said on Friday.

“The Office of the President has created a special information system” a “The Book of Executioners of Ukrainian people.” It is a collection of verified data of russian servicemen who have committed and continue to commit crimes in Ukraine,” Smirnov said.

Earlier, the Ukrainian prosecutors said they had registered more than 12,000 alleged war crimes involving more than 600 suspects since russia started its offensive on Feb. 24. As of June 17, there are 607 russian militaries in the “Book of Executioners.”


The Deputy head of the Presidential Office noted that the list of russian criminals is not final and will be updated.

According to Smirnov, the verified data will be used by law enforcement agencies, international courts, and a special international tribunal to investigate russia’s crimes in Ukraine.

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