‘To wake up in moscow.’ russian MP proposes to kidnap one of NATO defense ministers

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russian MP

russian MP Oleg Morozov proposed to kidnap a NATO defense minister, spiegel.de reported.

Perhaps one of the defense ministers of a NATO country will take a train to Kyiv to speak to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Morozov said on a talk show on state television Rossiya-1. But he wouldn’t arrive, he would wake up somewhere in moscow, he added.

“Let’s think about what it would be like [for him – UT] to wake up in moscow,” Morozov said. And then we would find out who ordered what, who is responsible for what exactly, he said.

As reported, Morosov was elected to the russian parliament for the first time in 1993. Now he is a member of the party in power, ‘United russia’.

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