russians sign agreement to kill civilians in Ukraine before they go to war [video of interrogation]

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kill civilians

russian servicemen sign an agreement to kill civilians before they go to war in Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine [SBU] reported, citing russian sniper.

“The newly captured invaders no longer say that they got into Ukraine during military drills. These tales were told in the beginning, and now the occupiers understand in advance that they will be ordered to kill civilian Ukrainians,” the SBU said.

One of the russian snipers, who was captured by Ukrainian defenders during hostilities in the Volnovakha district in the Donetsk region, told his story. “We have been ordered to write an agreement that we are going to kill civilians in Ukraine,”- he admitted.

According to the SBU, he made the choice to kill Ukrainians so that he would not be imprisoned in russia.

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