Survey: Ukraine’s mobile internet one of world’s cheapest

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Ukraine has the fourth cheapest mobile internet access in the world according to new research published by British consumer telecom analyst  The global survey featured 6,313 mobile data plans in 230 countries and assessed the average cost of one gigabyte (1GB) in each country.

With an average price of USD 0.51 for 1GB, Ukraine took  the fourth position, with data tariffs being cheaper only in India, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan

“When it comes to cheapest, though, don’t expect a fast (or even in some cases, reliable) connection for the most part, with Syria, Iran, Venezuela and Kyrgystan all offering relatively slow speeds and somewhat limited availability. Ukraine is the exception here, with broadband that is not only cheap, but also fast – its cheapest package offers a very serviceable 20Mbps, ” the research says.

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