Six scenarios how russians kidnap Ukrainian children

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russia uses at least six scenarios to kidnap Ukrainian children, Daria Gerasimchuk, the Ukrainian children’s ombudsperson, said during the “russia’s War On Children” conference in Riga, reported.

According to her, among the russian scenarios for the abduction of Ukrainian children are that the russians first kill the parents and then take the children to their territory, remove the children directly from the biological family, separate them from their families during the so-called filtering measures, or create unsuitable conditions for the child’s life in the occupied territory, and then parents are apparently voluntarily offered to send their children to the so-called rehabilitation, from which they do not return home.

It is clear that russia’s policy is aimed at the genocide of the Ukrainian people through Ukrainian children, Gerasimchuk said.

Another scenario in russia, Gerasimchuk noted, is the transfer of entire special institutions where Ukrainian children lived to the russian Federation. At the same time, the russians carry out such measures in full, preventing Ukraine from taking its children to the controlled territory.

In addition, the Commissioner said, the russians also take children to the territory of Belarus and russia after establishing some fake diagnosis, which the child does not actually has, but, according to the occupiers, “this diagnosis requires treatment or rehabilitation not at home.”

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