russians killed 226 children in Ukraine so far

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A total of 226 children have been killed and 415 injured in Ukraine since the russian invasion started on February 24, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office informed.

Accordng to the statement, most casualties were recorded in Donetsk region (139), Kyiv region (116), Kharkiv region (99), Chernihiv region (68), Kherson region (46), Mykolaiv region (44), Luhansk region (44), Zaporizhzhia region (28), Sumy region (17), the city of Kyiv (16) and Zhytomyr region (15).

On May 8, reports emerged of the death of a 13-year-old girl who was in a convoy of private cars that came under fire by russians in the Chuhuiv district of the Kharkiv region on May 4.

On May 7, two girls aged 9 and children 13 were injured by russian shelling in the villages of Bilohorivka and Shypilove in the Luhansk region.

A total of 1,635 educational institutions were damaged across Ukraine as a result of russia’s daily air and artillery strikes. 126 of them were destroyed completely, the report says.

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