russians created at least 18 filtration camps along the border with Ukraine

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filtration camps

russia has created 18 filtration camps along the border with Ukraine and in the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories, Deputy Head of the US Mission to the OSCE Courtney Austrien said this during a regular meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council on Thursday in Vienna, reports.

“According to our assessment, russia, with the help of proxy groups, will almost certainly use the so-called filtration operations to detain and deport Ukrainian civilians to russia,” she said.

The US diplomat noted that russian officials had reportedly begun preparations for the filtration process in Ukraine before Feb. 24.

“russian officials apparently created lists of Ukrainian civilians who were considered a threat to russian regime of Ukraine, including anyone with pro-Ukrainian views, such as politicians and activists, as well as members of the security forces, for the purpose of detention and filtering. At least 18 filtration sites have now been identified along the Ukrainian-russian border,” Courtney Austrien said.

In her speech, she drew attention to several horror stories of Ukrainian civilians who were deported to russia after passing through these filtration camps: Their stories paint a gruesome picture of russia’s filtration operations and its systematic process of forcibly transferring Ukrainian civilians to russia, often to remote areas far east, from the territories that russia seized after February 24″.

Referring to eyewitnesses, she pointed out that russian troops are “forcibly moving these Ukrainian civilians to temporary filtration points in schools, cultural centers, sports halls, and other public buildings in russian-controlled parts of eastern Ukraine and russia, where russian security forces subject them to harsh interrogations, often with searches and beatings.

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